Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Program Locations

Programs meet throughout northern, central and southern Westchester towns, enabling community inclusion opportunities. Accessible facilities are available.


SPARC welcomes and accommodates individuals with autism, intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Staff : participant ratios vary based on participants’ functional abilities. We do not provide 1:1 supervision, support behavioral issues which create safety concerns or support for individuals who are medically fragile. Programs are designed with sensitivity to participants’ strengths, needs and compatible peers. Groups are co-ed, based on age and abilities.

Enrollment Procedures

New participants must submit SPARC’s registration application and arrange an intake interview to determine placement. Returning participants must update registration forms annually. Returning group members meeting deadlines have first choice should a waiting list be necessary. Registration deadlines are 3 weeks prior to program start dates. Unpaid prior fees will restrict future enrollment. Once deadlines pass, please call to inquire about openings. We make every effort to accommodate interested individuals.

Payment, Scholarships, Refunds

Full payment is required prior to program start. Call (914) 243-0583 to inquire about a scholarship, flexible payment plan or financial aid application if fees create a hardship. Full refunds for program withdrawal are available up to 1 week prior to program start. Late registration incurs a $25 fee. Late withdrawal incurs a $50 cancellation fee.

Medicaid Waiver

(Medicaid programs indicated with * in brochure)

Participants in SPARC’s Medicaid funded programs need to be Medicaid waiver enrolled. To apply, contact OPWDD’s “Front Door” at 914 332-8960. Once in this process, applicants may apply to attend SPARC programs. When possible, SPARC may admit applicants who are not Medicaid approved for a supplemental fee.

Medicaid waiver funding pays for the respite service part of total costs. SPARC fees are also required for program enhancements. These fees are 60% required and the remaining 40% is a voluntary family contribution. However, without family support, programs expenses will not be met, thus jeopardizing our future ability to offer many of our youth and young adult programs.

Program Dismissal

Prompt pick-up is expected after activities. A late fee of $10.00 per 10 minutes applies. Ongoing late pick-up is grounds for participant dismissal.

Weather Advisory / Cancellations

Cancellation notice is provided 3 hours prior to scheduled programs through email and telephone. An effort is made to reschedule weather related cancellations, although it is not guaranteed.