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Children & Teen Programs

SPARC is a dedicated agency providing after-school children's programming in an inclusive and welcoming environment. With a focus on social, physical, artistic, recreational, and creative activities, SPARC ensures that every child can actively participate and benefit from the enriching experiences. Children engage in diverse activities designed by skilled staff, fostering personal growth, social skills, and a sense of belonging in a supportive setting.


Kids Express

Kids Express is an exceptional after-school recreation program thoughtfully designed for all elementary school-aged children, spanning from grades K to 5. Our focus is on creating an inclusive environment where every child can thrive, benefitting from an enriching experience that fosters character-building and essential social skills.

Kids Express Offers

  • Inclusive Fun: We believe in the power of inclusion, where children from diverse backgrounds come together to engage in a wide range of character-building activities. Our program ensures that each child feels valued and welcomed, creating a positive and supportive space for growth.

  • Unleash Creativity: At Kids Express, creativity knows no bounds! We encourage children to express themselves freely through various crafts and activities, igniting their imaginations and allowing self-expression to flourish while developing social skills.

  • Confidence is Key: Our program aims to empower children with self-assurance and a sense of personal growth. We provide a nurturing environment where kids can explore new interests, sharpen their conversation skills, and develop problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

Little Spirit & Spirit

The Little Spirit and Spirit programs cater to elementary school kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our mission is to create a vibrant after-school community where children can unleash their potential through an array of therapeutic recreational opportunities.


Little Spirit & Spirit Offers

  • A World of Recreation: Little Spirit & Spirit Programs offer a diverse range of engaging activities, providing our young participants with a chance to actively participate in a fun-filled after-school experience. We foster an environment where friendships are nurtured, creativity thrives, and self-esteem soars.

  • Empowering Independence: Our programs are thoughtfully structured  to promote independence and confidence among the children. Through our carefully crafted activities, participants develop life skills that contribute to their personal growth and well-being.

  • Tailored for Developmental Needs: Our team of compassionate professionals is well-versed in catering to the diverse needs of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We create a supportive environment that encourages self-expression and boosts confidence.

Little Spirit

For our younger stars in elementary school, Little Spirit opens a world of discovery and excitement. Children get to engage in a wide range of activities like games, art, music, movement, and group discussions, all carefully designed to cater to typical youth interests. At Little Spirit, we believe in nurturing a sense of wonder and fostering meaningful connections with others.

Elementary School Age


Our Spirit program offers an empowering and project-based approach. Through a thoughtfully curated blend of activities, participants engage in a journey of self-expression, exploring their passions and talents while taking on age-appropriate challenges and opportunities. At the end of the program, they will have the chance to present their projects, celebrating their growth and accomplishments.

Middle School-High School Age

Reach out to us today to discover how our services can serve your unique needs and create an empowering environment for your children.


Summer Magic

Summer Magic is a specialized program that offers a delightful blend of fun, learning, and socialization for children with  intellectual and developmental disabilities during their extended school year. Our dedicated team understands the unique needs of these children and crafts engaging activities that foster personal growth, boost self-esteem, and create lasting memories.

Summer Magic Offers

  • Recreational Excitement: We believe that every child deserves to experience the magic of summer, and we make it happen through a wide array of recreational activities. From interactive games to creative arts and music sessions, we ensure every moment is filled with laughter and joy.

  • SPARC – Your Partners in Fun: In the second half of each day, SPARC provides fun, specialized services to elementary school children whose IEPs mandate year-round schooling. Together, we create an enriching experience that fosters social skills and enhances physical and cognitive abilities.

  • Safe and Nurturing Environment: We prioritize the safety and well-being of our participants. Summer Magic is held in a secure setting with trained staff who are committed to providing a caring and nurturing atmosphere.

  • Coverage: The program provides coverage for busy parents who want their child to have access to summer fun.

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