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Our Administrative Team

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Kathleen Macias-Torres, MPA
Executive Director

Kathleen Macias-Torres joined SPARC in 2019 and oversees the program and administrative management of the organization. A veteran developer of community-based programs for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, Kathleen is a devoted advocate for this community. She is also a high-level communications, operations, fundraising, diversity training, human resources, financial and organizational management professional. She has a passion for mentoring and for collaborative leadership. Kathleen holds a Master of Public Administration degree, a Certificate in Human Resources Management, and a Bachelor of Science in psychology.

Kathleen DiMonaco is an educator with deep experience in special education and service to students with disabilities and their families. She has written and implemented Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), designed and implemented curricula for Special Education Students, and served as Liaison to the Board of Educators in Yonkers, advocating for the needs of students with disabilities and the staff and administration serving them. She has years of experience teaching students with Autism and brings her expertise, creativity and joy in the IDD population to her role at SPARC. Kathleen holds a Master of Science in Secondary Education (MSEd, SWD) degree reflective of her commitment to the IDD population.

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Kathleen Di Monaco, MSEd, SWD
Program Coordinator
Teens & Young Adults

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Arianna Corsino
Administrative Coordinator

Arianna Corsino is a versatile professional with a strong foundation in project management, digital branding, design, marketing, human resources, education, and event planning. Her proficiency extends to leading therapeutic workshops, particularly for individuals on a journey of self discovery, recovering from trauma, and diverse disorders. Notably, she developed a personalized education program for her daughter as she homeschooled her for Pre-K and kindergarten, and holds a degree in fashion design from the Art Institute of New York.

Liz Anderson has over 20 years’ experience creating or managing programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She is a teacher of mindfulness techniques for stress management and has a background in creative after school programs, martial arts programs, plus program supervision and management. In her role at SPARC she manages the innovative LINK-UP daytime program for young adults who have finished high school, which provides training in community integration and independent living activities. Liz has completed the Registered Behavior Technician program offered by The Autism Partnership Foundation. She is completing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree and is a candidate for a Masters/PhD program in clinical psychology.

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Liz Anderson
Program Coordinator

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Johnathan Ramirez
Program Specialist

Jonathan Ramirez has experience creating. coordinating and overseeing program activities and serving individuals with disabilities. Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree, and in the past has served as a family court visitation supervisor in custody cases.

Sonja Manrique brings experience cultivating inclusive, equitable learning spaces for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) to her role at SPARC. She is a translator for Spanish-speaking populations in SPARC programs and has experience with supporting students with IDD. Sonja holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.


Sonja Manrique
Program Specialist

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