(*) partial Medicaid funded program for eligible participants

Day Program
Monday Golf Clinic* (summer only)
Tuesday Dinner Friends*
Wednesday Bowling*
Music Beats
Thursday Now We’re Cooking
Yoga *
Friday Teen Time*
Saturday Food, Flicks, and Friends *
Film Production Workshop*
Horseback Riding*
Movie Night*
Tennis Hotshots*
Totally Teens*

Summer Programs – Bowling, Film Production, Food, Flicks and Friends, Golf Clinic, Horseback Riding, LINK-UP, Movie Night, Music Beats, Now We’re Cooking, Rec Night, Social Club, Swim & Dine, Totally Teens, Teen Time, Yoga

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*Golf Clinic (summer only)

New and experienced golfers receive personal instruction on the driving range and putting green. Learn stance, pivot, swing, control of ball and safety. Special Olympics optional.

Place(s): Mohansic Golf Course, Yorktown
Time(s): 7:00 – 8:00pm
Cost: $160 / 8 weeks
(Non-Medicaid fee-please inquire)
Start Dates: Summer 6/10/19

*Dinner Friends

Enjoy an evening out on the town having dinner with friends. Develop independence, practice healthy food choices, mealtime interaction and money management skills.

Place(s): (Site 1) Southern Westchester Restaurants
(Site 2) Northern Westchester Restaurants
Time(s): 6:30 – 8:00pm, 2x monthly
Cost: $ 350/18 weeks Oct- June (Non-Medicaid fee-please inquire)
Start Dates: 10/2/18


Join SPARC’s bowling league to play 2 games weekly with instruction, practice technique, improve your score and join friends. Fall Special Olympics optional.

Place(s): SPINS, Bedford Hills
Time(s): 6:00 – 8:00pm
Cost: $600 / 30 weeks
Summer $120/6 weeks
(Non-Medicaid fee-please inquire)
Start Dates: Fall 9/26/18 | Summer 6/13/19

Music Beats

A spirited social group enjoying current popular hits, singing drumming, trying a variety of instruments and choosing your own musical direction!

Place(s): Pleasantville
Time(s): 7:30 – 8:30pm
Cost: $195 / 12 weeks
$390 / 24 weeks
Summer $115 / 7 weeks
Start Dates: Fall 9/26/18, Spring 2/6/19, Summer 6/5/19

Now We're Cooking

Develop skills in food preparation, kitchen safety and table setting. Learn healthy recipes for favorite snacks, entrees, veggies, salads, desserts, holidays and ethnic cuisine.

Place(s): Elmsford
Time(s): 6:30 – 8:00pm
Cost: $195 / 10 weeks
$390 / 20 weeks
Summer $100 / 5 weeks
(Non-Medicaid fee-please inquire)
Start Dates: Fall 9/27/18, Spring 2/8/19, Summer 6/6/19


Relax into the mind & body practice of yoga. Learn to improve your balance, flexibility, strength, & breathing techniques.

Place(s): Pleasantville
Time(s): 6:30 – 7:30pm
Cost: $195/12 weeks
$390/24 weeks
Summer $115/7 weeks
(Non-Medicaid fee-please inquire)
Start Dates: Fall: 9/20/18 | Spring: 2/7/19 | Summer: 6/6/19

Teen Time

Join other teens for social activities including trips, games, dances, cooking, theme activities, sporting events, team building activities, parties, music, snacks and special guests.

Place(s): (Site 1) Pleasantville
(Site 2) Dobbs Ferry
(Site 3) Yorktown
Time(s): 6:30 - 9:15 pm
Cost: $575/30 weeks
Summer: Tues & Thurs: $250/ 6 weeks
(Non-Medicaid fee-please inquire)
Start Dates: 10/12/18 | Summer 6/25/19

* Food, Flicks, and Friends

It’s Saturday night! Come meet your friends for dinner and a movie. Practice independence & money management skills. Restaurants are in Cortlandt Town Center, walking distance to theater.

Place(s): Cortlandt Town Center
Time(s): 1st Saturday of the month 5:00 - 9:15 pm
Cost: $325 / 9 months + dinner $
(Non-Medicaid fee-please inquire)
Start Dates: 10/13/18 | Summer 7/6/19, 8/3/19

*Film Production Workshop

SPARC’s production crew creates original scripts, learns camera techniques, lighting, directing, scenery/props and acting. Projects include: neighborhood events, biographies, fiction, movie reviews, music videos, animation, and interviews. Families are invited to our annual “Red Carpet Premiere.” Watch us on YouTube.com/SPARCIncTV.

Place(s): Pleasantville
Time(s): 10:30am – 1:00pm
Cost: $650 / 30 weeks
Summer $125 / 6 wks
(Non-Medicaid fee-please inquire)
Start Dates: 10/13/18 | Summer 7/6/19

*Horseback Riding

Individualized, adapted riding instruction helps participants develop independence, new accomplishments, balance, posture, concentration, self-esteem and a love for animals. Enjoy farm animals and grooming horses. Equestrian Special Olympics optional.

Place(s): (Site 1) Putnam Valley
(Site 2) Cortland Manor
Time(s): Lesson assigned 9:00, 9:45, 10:30am
Cost: $640 / 16 weeks (Payment plan optional)
Summer $240 / 6 weeks
(Non-Medicaid fee-please inquire)
Start Dates: Fall 9/8/18 | No class Jan-Mar | Summer 6/15/19

*Movie Night

Love going out on Saturday night? Develop independence, decision making and money management skills while watching and critiquing movies with friends.

Place(s): (Site 1) Greenburgh Multiplex, Elmsford
(Site 2) White Plains
Time(s): 1st Saturday, 6:30 – 9:30pm
Cost: $270 includes tix / 9 months
Summer $60 / 2 months
(Non-Medicaid fee-please inquire)
Start Dates: 10/13/18 | Summer 7/6/19, 8/3/19

*Tennis Hotshots

New or experienced tennis players receive lessons from a pro. Learn stance, proper grip, basic strokes, volley and serve. Improve eye/hand coordination and motor skills in a great social atmosphere!

Place(s): Briarcliff Club Fit
Time(s): 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Cost: $75 / 24 weeks
(Non-Medicaid fee-please inquire within)
Start Dates: 10/13/18

*Totally Teens

Opportunity for teens to enjoy typical age recreation, socialization and life skills. Activities include games, music, theme activities, lunchtime and more. Teens learn about organization, handling money, stress reduction, manners, independence and safety and more. Local outings will be scheduled during the year.

Place(s): Pleasantville
Time(s): 10:15am – 1:15pm
Cost: $500 / 30 weeks
Summer $150 / 5 weeks
(Non-Medicaid fee-please inquire)
Start Dates: 10/13/18 | Summer 7/6/19