Young Adults

*Link Up

SPARC Link Up is an innovative day program designed to engage young adults in a wide variety of community activities.

Place(s): White Plains, Port Chester (Carver Center)
Time(s): Monday - Friday 9:00am – 2:00pm
Extended Days: 2:00-4:00pm, includes Yoga and art
Cost: 5 days each week: $700
4 days each week: $600
3 days each week: $400
2 days each week: $325
1 day each week: $250
Start Dates: Rolling admission

Golf Clinic

New and experienced golfers receive personal instruction on the driving range and putting green. Learn stances, pivots, swings, control of the ball and safety. (Teen and Young Adults)

Place(s): Mohansic Golf Course
1500 Baldwin Rd.
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
Time(s): Mondays from 5:30pm -7:00pm
Cost: $150 / 6 weeks (Respite)
$250 / 6 weeks (Non-Respite)
Start Dates: 6 Weeks summer 2022 only starting 6/6/22


SPARC Young Adults form a team and play with new friends in this special bowling league. Each participant plays 2 games weekly and receives instruction as they develop practice techniques to improve their score. Fall Special Olympics optional.

Place(s): SPINS, Mt. Kisco
Time(s): Wednesdays 6:00 – 8:00pm
Cost: 8 weeks Summer 2022 / $250 (Respite)
8 weeks Summer 2022 / $325 (Non-Respite)
Start Dates: 8 Weeks Summer 2022 beginning on 6/29/2022

Culinary Club

Culinary Club

Place(s): St. Joseph of Arimathea Episcopal Church, White Plains
Time(s): Tuesday 5:00pm-7:00pm
Cost: 8 weeks Summer 2022 / $285 (Respite)
8 weeks Summer 2022 / $375 (Non-Respite)
Start Dates: 8 Weeks Summer 2022 beginning on 6/21/2022

Social Club

Young adults in their 20s share a social Friday night with friends. Enjoy trips, music, games, cooking, theme activities, snacks, dances, sporting events, team building activities, parties and special guests.

Place(s): Emanuel Lutheran Church, Pleasantville, NY
Time(s): Friday 6:15 - 9:15pm
Cost: 8 weeks Summer 2022 / $200 (Respite)
8 weeks Summer 2022 / $275 (Non-Respite)
Start Dates: 8 weeks beginning 7/1/22

*Horseback Riding

SPARC Young Adults participate in individualized, adapted riding instruction that helps them develop independence, better balance, posture and focus, as they develop more self-esteem and a love for animals. Participants also learn how to care for and groom horses. Equestrian Special Olympics optional.

Place(s): Site -Sky Blue Ranches in Cortlandt Manor
Time(s): Lessons assigned at intervals that start at 10:00am and 10:45am each Saturday.
Cost: 6 weeks / $285 (Respite)
6 weeks / $500 (Non-Respite)
Start Dates: 6 weeks beginning July 9, 2022

Film Production Workshop

SPARC’s production crew creates original scripts, learns camera techniques, lighting, directing, scenery/props and acting. Projects include: neighborhood events, biographies, fiction, movie reviews, music videos, animation, and interviews. Families are invited to our annual “Red Carpet Premiere.” (Teens and Young Adults)

Place(s): Memorial United Methodist Church, White Plains
Time(s): Saturdays 10:30am - 1:00pm
Cost: 15 weeks / $385 (Respite)
15 weeks / $625 (Non-Respite)

30 weeks / $750 (Respite)
Start Dates: 15 Weeks beginning 2/19/22

Tennis Hotshots

Love tennis? Our SPARC Tennis Hotshots offer lessons from a pro, for experienced players to starters, as they learn how to play, from setting up their stance to the proper grip, basic strokes, and volley and serve. These lessons help participants Improve their eye/hand coordination and motor skills in a fun, highly social atmosphere.

Place(s): Briarcliff Club Fit
Time(s): Saturdays 1:00pm-3:00pm
Cost: 15 weeks / $375 (Respite)
15 weeks / $450 (Non-Respite)
Start Dates: 15 Weeks beginning 2/19/22

Miniature Golf

Enjoy a game of miniature golf and a meal.

Place(s): Tibbets Park in Yonkers, NY
Time(s): Sundays 12:00 - 3:00pm
Cost: Spring 2022: 8 weeks / $275 (Respite)
Spring 2022: 8 weeks / $325 (Non-Respite)
Start Dates: Spring 2022: 8 weeks beginning 5/1/22

Virtual Games Night

Play games such as Jeopardy, Deal or No Deal, Wheel of Fortune, Bingo and More!

Place(s): Virtual
Time(s): 6:00pm-7:30pm
Cost: Free of charge; registration is required
Start Dates: Thursdays 6:00-7:30 for 5 weeks starting February 24, 2022

Dinner & a Movie


Place(s): City Center, Ridge Hill, Alamo, Etc.
Time(s): Thursdays 5:00pm-9:00pm
Cost: Summer 2022: 8 weeks / $375 (Respite)
Summer 2022: 8 weeks / $500 (Non-Respite)
Start Dates: Summer 2022: 8 weeks beginning 6/30/22

Morning Movement in the Park

Bring along a healthy snack and enjoy movement games, yoga, nature walks,Tai Chi and more!

Place(s): Gedney Park, Chappaqua
Time(s): Saturdays 9:30am-12:00pm
Cost: Summer 2022: 5 weeks / $125 (Respite)
Summer 2022: 5 weeks / $175 (Non-Respite)
Start Dates: Summer 2022: 5 weeks beginning 6/25/22