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Referral Program Policy

Policy Objective: The Referral Program is designed to encourage our current staff members of SPARC to refer qualified candidates for employment at our organization. In recognition of their efforts, staff members will receive a bonus for each successful referral that leads to a new hire or contract worker who actively contributes to a minimum of three programs and/or secures full-time employment.


Eligibility: All full-time and active contract staff members of SPARC are eligible to participate in the Referral Program. 


Referral Process:

  • Staff members who wish to participate in the referral program must complete and submit a Referral Form. This form can be found on SPARC’s website under get involved.

  • The Referral Form should include the name, contact information, and resume (if available) of the candidate being referred.

  • A SPARC administrator will review the referral and determine if the candidate meets the minimum qualifications for the position. If the candidate is already in the recruitment process or has been referred by someone else, the referrer will not be eligible for a bonus.

  • If the referred candidate is eligible, they will be invited to meet with a SPARC representative for further evaluation.


Bonus Structure:

  • Upon the successful hiring of a referred candidate, the referring staff member will be eligible to receive a referral bonus.

  • To be eligible for the bonus, the referred candidate must meet the following criteria:

    • Be hired as a full-time or contract staff member.

    • Contractors that actively contribute to a minimum of three programs or secure full-time employment within their first three months of employment.

  • The referral bonus for each successful referral will be a one-time payment of $50 for a contractor and $100 for a full-time employee. This bonus will be processed and paid out on the next available pay cycle following the successful completion of the referred candidate's probationary period.


Program Administration: The Staff Employee Referral Program will be administered and managed by the Human Resources Department. HR will be responsible for reviewing referral forms, determining eligibility, and processing bonus payments.


Confidentiality: All information provided in the referral process will be kept confidential. Staff members are encouraged to respect the privacy and confidentiality of referred candidates.


Compliance: This program is subject to all applicable laws and regulations. SPARC reserves the right to modify or terminate the program at any time.

By participating in the Staff Employee Referral Program, staff members acknowledge their understanding and agreement with the terms and conditions outlined in this policy.

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