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SPARC 2018 Annual Outreach Letter

March, 2018

Dear SPARC Friends and Families,

I reflect back on the past year with great satisfaction at the growth and happiness experienced by my son Garrett as a result of his SPARC programs.  As a board member and parent of a child with autism, I am pleased to see my son look forward to his many activities each week, including Social Club, Tennis, Golf and Movie Night.  He has gained a social network, many new friendships and a place where he feels he belongs.

SPARC is a very unique organization which fulfills the lives of so many.  Young and old alike have the opportunity to enhance their lives through a wide range of social and recreation programs in the creative arts, sports, trips, social activities and more.  The professional staff care for and guide our children with developmental disabilities to help them feel equal and capable among their nondisabled peers.  SPARC gives them the desire to look forward to activities they will enjoy and in which they will be actively involved.

While we recognize the amazing achievements our children continue to make at SPARC, I would like to ask you to also focus on the fact that these wonderful programs cannot continue without the support and contributions of our friends and families.  As a not-for-profit agency, fundraising is necessary to supplement our revenues for continued high quality staffing, scholarships, trips and continuously creative programming.

Please make a generous contribution to make a real difference in improving the lives of so many families.  We hope you will look ahead with us to make a bright future for SPARC and our children.



Sanford Proner
SPARC Parent, Board of Directors