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“Since my daughter started SPARC she is a different person.  She is very sociable, looks forward to every week and has made friends that will last her a lifetime.  Thank you for making our children feel good about themselves and for such a wonderful staff.”
– Francesca Falciano

“I love SPARC because we do different, cool stuff every time and I love all my friends at Teen Time.”
– Louis Milone, Participant

“What a great opportunity for my son to have his Friday evenings “out” just like typical teenagers!”

– Amy Singer

“It was breathtaking to watch Dom tonight as he persevered getting to the tee to hit his ball, never once thinking about the rough terrain or his walker. He swung and then hit the ball feeling it was the opportunity of a lifetime and it was truly overwhelming for me as his parent to watch!”

– Cindy Lanza

“Rachel’s all about the friends.  She gets the opportunity to socialize with old friends she doesn’t see at school anymore and meet new friends at the parties and dances which are great fun for her.”

– Judy Flamm

“Our consumers like to experience new things and visit friends living in other group homes.  SPARC programs offer those opportunities.  SPARC staff do a terrific job interacting with the consumers and involving them in activities.”

-Julie Cook, Opengate ICF Program Coordinator

“I cannot begin to express the joy and happiness Magic of Music brings to Nia and the emotion that brings up in me to see the spark in her eyes and smiles each week she participates.”
– Olga Velazquez

“So glad Gabriella had a positive experience; I know of no better program for kids in our community than SPARC.”
– Bruce Apar, Harrison Apar Field of Dreams Foundation

“We parents do not call or mention it often, but there is definitely a place in heaven for you!  And, here on earth, we are so grateful.”
– Pauline

“While busy having fun, Ayaan  is learning important skills adapted to his pace, that he absorbs into his abilities. For Ayesha, she sees others like her brother, with special needs, and children like her, helping, loving, coping and thriving in similar families.”

– Taskeen Hamidullah-Bahl

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