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SPARC Participant Parent/Guardian Referral Program

Program Objective:

The SPARC Participant Parent Referral Program is all about celebrating the role of parents and guardians in our participants' journey. It encourages them to refer fellow participants and qualified job candidates to join our SPARC family. As a thank-you for their valuable contributions, participant parents will receive SPARC credits ranging from $25 to $50 for every successful referral.



Parents and guardians of active participants at SPARC are eligible to participate in the Participant Parent Referral Program. Referrers should ensure that their referrals meet the necessary qualifications for the positions they suggest.

Referring a Fellow Participant:


  • To get started, participant parents who wish to participate should complete and submit the Referral Form, available on our SPARC website.


  • The Referral Form should include your name, your participant's name, and contact information.


  • We'll reach out to the family to schedule an intake.


Participant  Referral Credit Structure:

If the referred participant successfully enrolls in a program and attends at least three programs, you'll receive a $25 SPARC credit on your activity messenger account.


Referring a Team Member:


  • The Referral Form should include the name, contact information, and, if available, the resume of the candidate being referred.


  • A SPARC administrator will review the referral to ensure the candidate meets the necessary qualifications. If the candidate is already in the recruitment process or has been referred by someone else, the referrer won't be eligible for a bonus.


  • If the referred candidate is eligible, they will be invited to meet with a SPARC representative for further evaluation.


Team Referral Credit Structure:

Upon the successful hiring of a referred candidate, the referring participant parent/guardian will receive a referral SPARC credit added to their activity messenger account.


  • For contractors who actively contribute to a minimum of three programs or secure full-time employment within their first three months, a $25 credit will be awarded.

  • For full-time employees, a $50 credit will be given. This bonus will be added to your activity messenger account after the completion of the referred candidate's probationary period.



We value the privacy of our participants and staff. All information provided in the referral process will be kept confidential, and we encourage participants' parents/guardians to respect the privacy and confidentiality of referred candidates.



This program complies with all applicable laws and regulations. SPARC reserves the right to modify or terminate the program at any time.


We appreciate the support of our participants' parents and guardians and believe that their referrals can help us welcome dynamic participants and exceptional talent to our organization. We look forward to your active participation in the SPARC Participant Parent/Guardian Referral Program.


If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to reach out to us.

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